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Knife Ring Flakers
Knife ring flaker is the basic machine for producing best particleboard quality.
Globus patented wobble spreader disc, is a unique system for a perfect distribution of the chips inside the machine. The eccentric disc has an independent drive speed .
The perfect distribution of the chips, allows a complete and total  use of the knife cutting edge and therefore great energy saving and reduction of wear parts consumption.
A long and careful research time was spend spent in different plants, in order to determinate the best cutting edge and number of knives for these application i.e 54 knives.
The patented Globus knives knife ring flaker machine is performed in two different version:
-    Knifes length mm 490 for a production of 10 t/h bd
-    Knifes length of mm 690 for a production up to  15 t/h bd
Both type reach a final flake thickness of mm 0,6.
Knife Ring Flakers  Knife Ring Flakers  Knife Ring Flakers  Knife Ring Flakers  Knife Ring Flakers