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Drum Chippers

Over the years, Globus realized an extended wide range of drum chipper, with capacity from 5 up to 150 t/h bd.
Machines are designed for a non stop 24 hours work (except knives changing time)  granting a chipping quality according to specific customer’s requirements.
Main technical characteristics of the Globus drum chipper:

-    Two different clamping systems of the knives accordingly to the  various applications : mechanical system with bolts or centrifugal wedge-shaped system.
-    Different rotor diameter from 600 to 2400 mm and knives number from 3 to 6;
-    Interchangeable screens manufactured in two half halves for a quick and easy replacement;
-    Feeding roller made hardened steel with cutting edge obtained through machine tools. Toothed infeed rollers in tempered steel with hardness 48 HRC;
-    Feeding rollers drive group Infeed rollers drive equipped with double pinion/key block system plus “ring feeder for a powerful drive transmission and easy replacement;
-    Driving group with hydraulic or soft-start acceleration unit;
-    Hydraulic ejection system of the counter-knives.

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