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Double Stream Mills
Refining mills of for dry flakes for suitable to surfaces and core layers in particleboard production.
Peculiarity of these Globus Mills  for this specific application mill is the great advantage to of being  equipped with standard screen support ring for Conidur screen and with support ring for  special “slotted hole” screen the same  mill with the standard Conidur screen or with special slotted screen.
The special design of the Mmill, allow the change of the ring screen in only 8 minutes time with a special hydraulic changing system.
These quickFast replacement of the ring screen grants the right proper  production of fine particles for the external layer accordingly to the various  production thickness.
The Globus Mmill with these great advantages two screens type are called MSG type, while the traditional Mills with normal one with only standard Conidur screen are called MCG type S.
Double Stream Mills Double Stream Mills Double Stream Mills Double Stream Mills Double Stream Mills